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Media & Public Outreach

Pieces Authored by Shauna:

Corpus Christi Caller-Times (2017):
"Texas is Deceptive on Fetal Burial Rule" (co-authored with Rhonda Struminger)

Cleveland Plain Dealer (2016):

Fromthesquare.com (NYU Press Blog, 2016):

Time.com, Op-Ed (2016):

Huffington Post (2015):

WalletHub "Ask the Experts" (2015):

MonkeyCage (Washington Post) Op-Ed (2015):

HippoReads Op-Ed Post (2015):

The Daily Beast (2014):
"Let's Help Women Accelerate to Political Leadership"  (co-authored with Marni Allen)

LA Times Op-Ed:
(reprinted in the PA Times-Leader, here)

Harvard Crimson Op-Ed (2011):

Scholars Strategy Network Member (Profile):
"Shattering the Glass Ceiling for Women in Politics" (co-authored research/advocacy brief)

News and Other Media Citing or Quoting Shauna:

Glamour Magazine (Nov. 2017): 

Glamour Magazine (Aug. 2017):

New Jersey Courier-Post (2017):

VICE (2017):

TIME Magazine (2017):

The Atlantic (2017):

New York Times (2017):

Chronicle of Higher Education (2017):

CBS-Local/Philadelphia (2016):

New York Times (2016):

Detroit Free Press (2016):

The Atlantic (2016):

The Washington Post (2016):

The Atlantic (2016):

Rutgers-Camden News Now (2016):

Huffington Post (November 2015):

Center for American Progress (November 2015):

U.S News & World Report (October 2015):

Cincinnati.com (September 2015):

U.S. News & World Report (August 2015):

N.Y. Times (June 2015):

The Citizen's Voice, Luzeme Co., PA (April, 2015):

The Daily Targum (Feb. 2015)

The New Republic (July 2014):
"Why are there no female Sheldon Adelsons?"

Harvard Crimson News Story (2013):

Daily Beast News Story (2013):

Harvard Crimson News Story (2012):

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal News Story (August 2010):

Video & Audio of Shauna's Public Speaking:

"Lawyers and Public Life," podcast for the American Bar Association (ABA), May 2017 (part 2 here)

"Year in Politics in Review," NBC-10 (Philadelphia), Jan. 1, 2017

"Running Against All Odds," interview for the "No Jargon" podcast by the Scholars Strategy Network 
(July 2016)

"Barriers & Solutions to Increasing Women's Political Power," 10-minute talk at Rockefeller-Wyss Foundations and Scholars Strategy Network Symposium at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (February 26, 2015)  (Shauna's section begins at 20:30)

"Millennials Don't Want to Run for Office," on NYC Public TV's "The Public Intellectual, with Brian Lehrer," March 9, 2015 (Shauna's section begins at 35:41)

"Millennials and Running for Office," on KABC-Los Angeles Radio, March 3, 2015

Other Media:

Reddit "AMA" with Shauna on Out of the Running book (February, 2017)