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Media & Public Outreach

Pieces Authored by Shauna:

The Conversation (2020):
"Are We Living in a Dystopia?" (co-authored with Amy Atchison)

The Conversation (2018) (syndicated to Salon.com, Chicago Tribune, Houston Chronicle, and other outlets):

Bangor (ME) Daily News (2018):

Vox.com, "Mischiefs of Faction" Blog (2018):

Bangor (ME) Daily News (2018):

Gender Policy Report, Univ. of MN (2018):

Huffington Post (2017):

Corpus Christi Caller-Times (2017):
"Texas is Deceptive on Fetal Burial Rule" (co-authored with Rhonda Struminger)

Cleveland Plain Dealer (2016):

Fromthesquare.com (NYU Press Blog, 2016):

Time.com, Op-Ed (2016):

Huffington Post (2015):

WalletHub "Ask the Experts" (2015):

MonkeyCage (Washington Post) Op-Ed (2015):

HippoReads Op-Ed Post (2015):

The Daily Beast (2014):
"Let's Help Women Accelerate to Political Leadership"  (co-authored with Marni Allen)

LA Times Op-Ed:
(reprinted in the PA Times-Leader, here)

Harvard Crimson Op-Ed (2011):

Scholars Strategy Network Member (Profile):
"Shattering the Glass Ceiling for Women in Politics" (co-authored research/advocacy brief)

News and Other Media Citing or Quoting Shauna:

CNBC.com (June 2021):

U.S. News & World Report (Nov. 2020):

Rutgers-Today (Dec 2019): 

Philadelphia Inquirer (Feb 2019):

WBUR / NPR (Dec 2018):

FiveThirtyEight.com (Sept 2018):

Dallas Public Library Blog (July 2018):

Rutgers-Camden Magazine (June 2018):

Lewiston/Auburn (ME) Sun Journal (March 2018):

EcoWarriorPrincess Blog (Jan 2018):

Curbed (Dec. 2017):

Glamour Magazine (Nov. 2017): 

Glamour Magazine (Aug. 2017):

New Jersey Courier-Post (2017):

VICE (2017):

TIME Magazine (2017):

The Atlantic (2017):

New York Times (2017):

Chronicle of Higher Education (2017):

CBS-Local/Philadelphia (2016):

New York Times (2016):

Detroit Free Press (2016):

The Atlantic (2016):

The Washington Post (2016):

The Atlantic (2016):

Rutgers-Camden News Now (2016):

Huffington Post (November 2015):

Center for American Progress (November 2015):

U.S News & World Report (October 2015):

Cincinnati.com (September 2015):

U.S. News & World Report (August 2015):

N.Y. Times (June 2015):

The Citizen's Voice, Luzeme Co., PA (April, 2015):

The Daily Targum (Feb. 2015)

The New Republic (July 2014):
"Why are there no female Sheldon Adelsons?"

Harvard Crimson News Story (2013):

Daily Beast News Story (2013):

Harvard Crimson News Story (2012):

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal News Story (August 2010):

Video & Audio (Public Speaking, Interviews, Radio Discussions):

"The Senate's Age-Old Problem," Vox "Today, Explained" Podcast, April 27, 2022

"Democratic Debate Recap," Radio Times, WHYY, October 16, 2019

"Politics on the Page" -- Panel at the Collingswood Book Festival, October 5, 2019

"The Great Political Divide -- Why Millennials and Women are Underrepresented," Talk to the League of Women Voters in Bangor, Maine, March 2018

"What a Week in Politics," Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane conversation (NPR), Dec 2017

"Young Conservatives and the Future of the GOP," KCRW radio conversation, Dec 2017

"Lawyers and Public Life," podcast for the American Bar Association (ABA), May 2017 (part 2 here)

"Year in Politics in Review," NBC-10 (Philadelphia), Jan. 1, 2017

"Running Against All Odds," interview for the "No Jargon" podcast by the Scholars Strategy Network 
(July 2016)

"Barriers & Solutions to Increasing Women's Political Power," 10-minute talk at Rockefeller-Wyss Foundations and Scholars Strategy Network Symposium at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (February 26, 2015)  (Shauna's section begins at 20:30)

"Millennials Don't Want to Run for Office," on NYC Public TV's "The Public Intellectual, with Brian Lehrer," March 9, 2015 (Shauna's section begins at 35:41)

"Millennials and Running for Office," on KABC-Los Angeles Radio, March 3, 2015

Other Media:

Public Lecture (audio only) for League of Women Voters, Portland, Maine (March 2018)

Reddit "AMA" with Shauna on Out of the Running book (February, 2017)